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Seven things about me

Tagged by wendolen. No retagging, I can't be bovvered as I've had too much to drink. And since I've already posted about winning ribbons for my cooking when I was in elementary and high school, I'll skip that.

1. I didn't drink until I was about 22. I still don't like beer (won't drink it at all) and dislike gin, scotch, and several other hard liquors.
2. I lived in a trailer park for most of high school.
3. I owned a horse for a year when I was 14.
4. I don't like babies. I don't hate them, I just ... don't care. And I don't understand the whole "I want to have a baby" thing. Now that I'm 40, I think this just isn't going to change. It's hard to resolve this with the importance of "family" to me, but since most of the people that seem like family to me aren't related (and many of the people that are related to me don't act the least bit like we're family), I'm sure I can find a resolution for this somehow.
5. Whem my mom died in 2000, we hadn't talked to each other in two years.
6. I've been doing Pilates since 1997.
7. I believe we get one trip around the block, and you need to do the best you can with what you've got now. In my case, that means building relationships and memories. If you die tomorrow, will the people you love know you love them, and will you have been doing the stuff that makes you happy to be here? They do and I have.

some_fox's birthday was right fun, and I felt happy to spend it surrounded by the people I'd moved here to be with, and to be HERE for it and not on the other side of the pole hearing about it and feeling like I was so close and yet so far. Many happy returns and here's hoping we have wonderful years ahead of us!
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