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Put the credit card down and step away from the internet

Okay, uh, I found some black jeans for shadowdaddy (at last!), got myself a bikini in size "hopeful," did my best to keep McSweeney's solvent (despite the fact they were going to make me wait on the squid shirt), and bought the Bolshoi tickets as planned, well, except I skipped Spartacus (all the remaining seats for Monday were crappy) and Bright Stream (not in town). This all makes me rather grateful I haven't gone out but twice this month - I've been dieting before a huge banquet, as it were. Oy! Ballet, my love, my nemesis! It's a bit funny to think the last couple of years I've been so frustrated about missing being able to do the "full" Bolshoi thing in London - I'm actually here and able to do it this year, and ... well, I bet it's going to be great.

I'm mostly packed now. And boy, I'm tired. We're supposed to get tickets bought for Ireland tonight but I'm having a hard time focusing (though "kayak past an old castle" does perk one up).

Shoot me, though, because I've done all of this shopping for clothes and electronics and what have you, and what do I want? This sick thing:

I do not need to be dealing with an Ebay auction right now. But I just love the idea of having people come over and serving them tea out of this demented teapot. It would be even better if I were wearing my red Victorian dress and the tiara.

I'm looking forward to my trip but I think I'll really be looking forward to ... let's say it ... coming home.

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