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Boxing day - the day after Independence Day

I've spent my night slowly dying from the gunk that I got from shadowdaddy and which I'm sure he picked up from hanging around with wechsler. From 5 to 6 AM I was up, constantly coughing. Yuck. I finally manage to prop myself sitting up in a position that let me sleep and drain and then got some sleep between 6-6:30 and 9 AM.

A million thanks to wordknitter, who saved the day (for the cat) by sending a bag (in a box) of catfood and our mail to us at the aunt's. We also got a box with birthday games from my brother, irrationalrobot: Cartagena and Grave Robbers from Outer Space. They both look fun. That means we're coming home about six games richer than when we left, after our stop at the store in Lansing. I'll have to actually list all of the games we have now, after the purge in Seattle.

I'm actually sitting here using the computer with my glasses. This is cool. I can see the screen and I haven't put my contacts in yet! I think maybe I spent more on glasses here than I would have if I'd bought them in England, but, well, I do have them now. I miss having vision coverage, though.

We've got several other boxes to open today, too. Four pairs of shoes came to us from Sierra Trading Post: sadly, the Mephisto heels are going back (gorgeous but not my idea of a 7 1/2, nor my foot's idea) as are the black Ecco sandals (cuts into the arch of my foot). It works out to be one pair for me and one for shadowdaddy, so that's okay. Still MIA are my new camera, two orders of tea, a Lands' End order with pants for both of us, and a few books. The new red sandals are pretty adorable, though - I think I'll wear them to the art museum. To be answered: will it all fit in the luggage, and will it be cool enough that we can take the cat?
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