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I am ready to be leaving the Midwest, now

Day 3 in Detroit and I have NO idea what to do with myself. I was looking at likely places to go on a penny collector website (squished pennies), and sadly most of them look to be in the far north of the state.

The Nyquil took good care of me last night and I slept pretty well, though I spent most of it on the couch with cushions propping up my head. Today I have a husky, Lauren Bacall-like voice and I feel like some hoodlums rolled me in the middle of the night - my back is really sore and achey.

Things are looking very questionable for getting the cat home tomorrow and shadowdaddy is stressing out about it a lot.

While it's nice to feel like every day is Christmas (and I got to break in two pairs of new red shoes yesterday, both red), I'm really ready to leave. I don't belong here and I don't know what to do with myself here. I'm lucky we've got someone so sympatica to stay with, but ... where are my galleries and theaters? And is there anything you can do here if you don't have a car?
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