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The miracle that is Microsoft

Fabulous. I am using J's new laptop that has Vista installed on it. Messenger is not automatically (shock!) installed. So I add it, and start it.

And Vista kills it and says it's a danger to my system.

I totally don't feel like dealing with this crap right now, but I need to talk to someone at work and the YIM exchange is acting up. Grrrr. I'm not being paid to make software act badly right now, dammit, I just want it to WORK so I can ask what's up with this month's release.

I'm tired and I'm going to lay on the couch and cough while shadowdaddy takes Boo to the vet for her final health certificate.

LATER: the last of my books have shown up, How Proust Can Change Your Life and Recipes from Mary Mac's Tearoom. Sadly, my Joel on Software book was not sent (I got a different book, ArkBook40 is a moron) and won't re-arrive until I come back.

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