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Ratatouille great; Sala Thai extremely tasty

We went with shadowdaddy's aunt tonight to see Ratatouille, the latest production from Pixar studios. This movie seemed to be a lot less obviously appealing than many of their efforts; do five year olds really care about what makes someone motivated to cook? (I did, and I think wendolen would love it.) We loved it; one scene had me laughing so much that tears were running down my face (and I was simultaneously reminded of the opening chapter of Remembrance of Things Past, go figure). I highly recommend it. Fortunately I only had one coughing fit so I did make it through the whole movie without having to run out of the theater in disgrace.

Afterwards we went to dinner at a restaurant named Sala Thai (2751 14 Mile Road in Sterling Heights), which seemed expensive ($11 for a plate of Pad Thai?), but once the huge, huge, huge portions showed up, I was thoroughly won over (the gorgeous wood-paneled interiors and the exquisitely dressed waitresses were also very good). I was also a bit too beat to finish even half my plate, and (believe it or not) scorched out by their version of four stars (I got burned on SD's Musulman neau and didn't quite pick it back up). But it was great and I'd go back if I lived anywhere near here.

I actually napped twice today and had no energy for almost anything. Things are not looking promising for the cat getting on the plane with us tomorrow (temperatures over 80 at 9 PM aren't good) and I'm not sure what we're going to do - something like leaving her until it cools down, which might mean Thursday or so of next week. I haven't been focusing on that too much, though I've been spending lots of time with my kitty and falling in love with her all over again.

I made about my last shopping trip today, picking up a black poodle print night robe and some Ben Gay and a few other items at the Target. I also got the camera I've been waiting and not having delivered from the morons at Tiger Direct. I hope I can easily get my money refunded, and I feel warned off of buying electronics being sold "through" and not "by" Amazon again.

Yum - cold, ripe watermelon. Delicious. Soon I'll be popping some NyQuil and calling today done. Catch up with y'all later.
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