Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Please exorcise this cold

We're at The Aunt's, back from a visit to Cranbrook's art museum, which was, er, fiber stuff that I wasn't really engaged by. Yeah, you made a sculpture out of zippers, and that's some upholstery hanging from a wall. And I was exhausted. Why? Mostly because of this stupid cold, but also because we'd spent two hours in a blitzkrieg visit to the Talbot's outlet store up I-75. Now there was some fiber stuff I could get into. I got a nice linen skirt and a woven twinset for office wear, two nice vibrant black and white print dresses, and about five skirts. Most of the stuff was 75% off the last marked price, so the skirts were running about $12 each - a real bargain. I am now totally set for summer clothes and will be looking very bright and cheery when I get back to London - provided I'm able to jam my lungs back into my chest cavity. I've bought some NyQuil for the flight, my bags are 90% packed (shadowdaddy is weighing them right now), and we're all but ready to leave.

I just wish I could pack in one more nap. Flight time is 9:30 PM - I can't wait! Boo, I'm guessing, is not going to be allowed on the flight since it's going to be 86 degrees when we try to check her in.

Oh, and bye, look forward to seeing you all soon.
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