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The cold isn't beaten yet

Held up falling asleep last night by coughing, finally took medicine.

Up two hours early coughing again, lost a lot of sleep, finally took medicine.

Almost totally overslept because I reset the alarm wrong and was just saved by shadowdaddy coming in to give me a kiss goodbye before he went to work.

The cold isn't over yet, dammit, and I'd stay home today and sleep it off except I've given one guy a comp day off to make up for him being in at 2 AM yesterday and told another of my guys it's okay to work from home today, which means there's three people in, the juniors, and a new build coming in, but I don't trust them to really know what to do.

Damn. I'm all worn out and I want to go back to bed but instead I'm going to be responsible and go into work, just as soon as I get on some real clothes and put in my contacts.
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