Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Narseals and Chap Olympics

Crap! I'm actually in town for the Chap Olympics this year and I'm missing it! Check out the events, such as "Curling: Teams of three must propel a perouke with curling tongs to the finishing post, grooming the grass to speed it along." With free tickets and two free G&Ts to each ticket holder, it's no wonder it's sold out already! Maybe next year ...

As it is, it looks like I'm missing out on everything I had planned for today, as (despite getting to bed at 11 and only missing 1 hour of sleep around 4 AM, though coughing only a very little) I crashed straight through until 11:30 today, which to me is a sure sign of exhaustion from this stupid cold. And it's lovely outside, really a shame not to be out doing something ... low impact. I had great dreams though - something about Trader Joes selling baby Narseals (furry and spotted, with unicorn horns) for $30, whole, in their frozen meat section - and then discovering that after they thawed out they were all still alive but doomed to die within a week. (The idea was that you'd cut the meat up while they were still frozen, I guess.)

Also there were dreams about mummies. This is what happens when you sleep for 12 hours. No Ascot, no waterfight, no Chap Olympics ... maybe J and I can go for a nice walk along the canals somewhere, after we have our apricot brioche French toast and Golden Phoenix tea ("Green and buttery!").

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