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i'm THIRTYsix and just NOW REACHED puBERty (hack hack)

The fever has gone away and the cold has moved into my throat as of last night, when I went from a slightly husky voice (at 6 when Stef called to ask if we were still going out - which I'd forgotten in my misery) to alternating husky and hoarse (at 11:30 when Worthy Opponent returned home from the theatre and I attempted to engage him in conversation) to hysterical (this morning, when I tried out my voice for size and heard it alternate between husky and a cracking high-pitched wheeze). I'm not going to the Early Music Guild board meeting this evening after all, so I don't need the car although I might be actually feeling good enough to drive it today. I am expecting a call from the Expedia recruiter around 4 or 5 though - he called this morning. I can't wait to try to hard-ball him with my crappy, cracking voice.

I spent yesterday sitting up a lot more than I did Tuesday, and didn't even take a nap (thankfully this cold hasn't kept me up coughing, although it has had me on a water binge). I watched Chicago all the way through (with the directors' commentary - more congratulatory than informative, although it did make me feel like I'd reached a higher level of musical geek-dom) and Princess Mononoke (finally getting some use out of the pirate 10 movie Ghibli boxed set). I didn't have any good books to read, sadly enough, so I poked around in some of my library finds (The Lifestyle and some book about Stanley Kubrick). Today I've taken the remnants of my Amazon box downstairs, so hopefully I'll get to the new McKillip book soon ... oddly I'm almost afraid to start the new Storm Constantine book - can it possibly hold up to its predecessors?

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