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Off beat art stuff

The Tuesday edition of The London Paper had references to several art exhibits I'd like to see. The first is Someone Else's House, an exhibit built around the traces of previous occumpants in a new home (a theme of ongoing fascination for me). It's over August 4th, so I might try to catch it rather soon.

The second one is a photo exhibit by Keith Arnatt that's, um, somewhere (can't figure out what a WC2 is, but here's the website). I mean, really, what is it about me that would make me see an image like this one and go, "ooh! Ooh! I want to see the rest of this guy's stuff!" but, well, what can I say, I see that picture and I see Diane Arbus and I see WeeGee and I see the same sad slipping of the past that occurs when I go into a house and see the wallpaper that a long-ago resident specially chose as the one most likely to make their baby's nursery a happy place. So I'll be sure to see it, next Saturday, I think.

The guy's certainly got range, that's for sure.

It's raining like mad again, though not as bad as yesterday. Clearly it's time for some more tea and a bit of housework.
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