Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Sunday score: Potter one, storage zero

The big goal for today was to go to Wimbledon and see if we could find either a suitable chest of drawers or a chest for towel storage. The Pier and the Cargo stores were no help, the Argos furniture options just depressed me (at least they were so cheap I could mentally wrap myself around the idea of their being disposable/temporary options), and ... well, the only joy we got was at the gelato shop (dulce de leche, yum!) and the Woolworths, which had a "Buy ten pounds of crap and get HP7 for 6.99" deal, and it's a lot easier to find useful stuff at Woolworths (new shower curtain, hangers) than at a bookstore. So we bought The Book, then went across the street to get some catnip toys for Boo, then went back home to a lovely roast chicken that I'd prepped before we left and Mr. George had kindly put in the oven and baked while we were out. Yum. The pine nut/pesto bread made a great stuffing with the chile sausages I'd bought at the Borough Market yesterday, as I expected, and we're all full now.

Now: quick stop downstairs for the apartment complex's summer party, then off to Waterloo to catch a train and see our 6:20 movie. See yez later.
Tags: another sunday pissed away, my boring life
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