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Naruse is always a good night out

Quick question: should I read HP6 before I read HP7, or should I read HP7 now so I don't get hit with spoilers?

Well, Late Chrysanthemums was as great as I hoped it would be - four former geishas in their early fifties, struggling to make a living in the mess that was post-war Japan. Everyone is struggling for money, but people are still contrained by the social niceties of a century ago. None of the women were black and white; the greedy one, the louche, the beautiful one wasting away with a weak heart, the struggling sake shop owner - the all seemed so well drawn. I was of course fascinated by the character of the woman who'd saved enough money to be getting rich, but was turning into a heartless pickle. She said the other women were all happier - and in some ways they were, and they enjoyed each other's company more - but she'd sold out her happiness for security. And, looking at the other women's lives, it was hard not to say she'd done the right thing. A great movie, 3 1/2 stars, and I can't wait to see Mother on Tuesday.

Afterwards we had a great adventure taking the #93 bus to Putney from Clapham Junction, finally giving up at Southfields and catching the tube (who would design a route so anti-intuitive?). shadowdaddy and I gave wechsler the business at a game of Puerto Rico again (okay, shadowdaddy beat both of us with 61 points and I brought up the rear at 33), and now I'm going to bed.

I miss having half of my LJ flist gone on vacation.
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