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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Two nice things to start the day

First, one of my reports (no nicknames for the people that work for me, only for people I don't like) brought in home made dosa for me today that her mom fixed. Oh man, I could see the chunks of red chiles in the filling. So, so good! Nothing like a nice little ADRENALINE RUSH to start the day.

I'm enjoying looking at these Japanese prints - oh how I wish I could hang some art on my walls! (I also found an interesting article on crows in Japanese woodblock prints while doing so.)

Second, I'm breaking down and joining the ranks of the bourgeoisie: as of today, I'll be having someone come over to clean my house regularly. (The deal is that there are these young college girls from Central and South America working at my office part time, and I think it seems kind of neat to give them a chance to make a little extra cash - there's not a question of who's better than whom, they're all pretty darned smart, and I figure ... they have some free time, why not help them pull in some bucks?) Clearly I feel some guilt about this, but on the other hand, I mostly feel a sense of relief. Even when I was unemployed I couldn't keep my house clean - I just don't have an eye for it. And why have to make special plans to stay home just to clean? On a nightly basis, I'm exhausted after work, and I have so little free time on weekends I hate blocking out four hours just to mop and wipe and dust (as if I ever dust) ... this will be nice. I've been saying for YEARS that my fantasy was to work hard enough that I could pay someone else to clean my house, so hopefully this will work out well - for both me and Pamela.

Finally, release today, with following problems: DB1 was brought down and then died, DB2 was brought down and then died, web server also died, then wrong builds were deployed due to a strange reliance on old relese notes. But we got it all out only half an hour later than expected and none of these issues were my team's fault. Yay!
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