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Tell me why ... I so like Mondays. Cartagena at the Coat and Badge

I managed to get out of work at a quarter after five today and WASN'T fired for last week's cock-up, even though my boss looked pretty unhappy all day and I even heard it said that he was getting a whupping from his boss (the Demotivator) AND he told me he'd got some nasty letters from the CTO about our outages. The week before last, The Demotivators weekly status email said we were going to be "testing in anger" (apparently this is some equivalent to jumping without a parachute). This was because we had all of our code hitting for the month with only two days to test it before it had to go out the door. Seven code drops later, it still had to go live, and my warnings about it being not ready for prime time were dismissed as negative and "bringing down the team."

Anyway, the fun bit here is that Pilates was a blast. I got a good workout and because there were only three people there the instructor actually came over and helped correct me. Looks like I don't keep my feet straight and I'm prone to locking my elbows. Oops!

Arr, matey, cockhats ahoy!Home again and J was fresh from biking in from Fitzrovia and (gasp!) hadn't bought the food for dinner yet! This means we made the mistake of going shopping while we were RAVENOUS. I don't normally pick up lemon tarts and those carmel filled waffle wafer cookies, but my defenses were down, and the cookie I ate on the walk home was very nice.

Afterwards we went to a nearby pub and played Cartagena. I really want to try it with three people, but it's pretty fun anyway and a good choice for a drinking game. And while my day at work was a trial, everything after I left was great. It's nice having shadowdaddy back.

I actually talked with a recruiter about a job I applied to today, which made me happy.

As for The Demotivator and his "testing in anger?" More like testing in stupid if you ask me. It's FRagile in action (great comic, thanks wingedelf. And here's to many, many more phone screens and some red hot interviews. (And why do I like Mondays? Because I leave work, get exercise, and have nothing more to do but have dinner for the rest of the evening. Very relaxing!)
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