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Bits and bobs. I'm ready for my vacation, Mr. DeMille.

Okay, so ... I've signed up to be an official Penguin Classics book blogger. My book is Mozart's Journey To Prague, which I had never heard of but look forward to reading.

I also found out that the Balbec that Proust wrote about is actually a town called Cabourg. I'm geekily excited. Perhaps I will go there on vacation! Actually a whole Proust-themed vacation sounds fun ... why not?

Also, a FASCINATING article on how steak is now "in" for women. Check this quote out: Red meat sent a message that she was “unpretentious and down to earth and unneurotic,” she said, “that I’m not obsessed with my weight even though I’m thin, and I don’t have any food issues.” Admittedly it's nice to think that women are not wanting to act like something they're not when they're on first dates, and I did find myself agreeing that "ordering a salad displays an unappealing mousiness," but ... what an interesting line of thought, to prove you're low maintenance by ordering steak! Back in the day it showed that you were eager to empty someone's wallet. Thoughts?

Also, I find I'm still basically not happy about the work thing, but don't know how to deal with it other than by distracting myself. The job interviews help; I'm back on for the one on Monday after we renegotiated the salary possibilities. A 4% pay cut in exchange for retirement benefits and 5 hours less work a week sounds very doable to me.
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