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Dance (Chris Wheeldon) and Proust

I read an article in the NY Times today about Chris Wheeldon's ballet company, Morphoses. The article included a picture of Batkhurel Bold and Carla Korbes dancing. I swoon. I must see them again - I miss my PNB dancers! The good news is that they will be here in September, or at least the company will be. Unfortunately the dates they might be performing (in Program 1 at Sadler's Wells) is during scarlettina's trip, but perhaps some dance can be accomodated amongst the plays and such. I'll be seeing some choreography by him tomorrow at the Bolshoi (article about it here) but I am really dying to see my old familiar dancer faces again.

Proust has been held up by the excitment with the Dresden novels - lots of wizard on necromancer/zombie action there! So I'm only at page 398, "in which our hero is turned down for a date." He comes off so gross and disgusting at times I can't help but feel good about his distress at being stood up. I've also recieved a package from the grandparents in law with the late arriving books and a CD, so I'm now listening to Jordi Savall sawing away at the works of Sante Colombe and Marin Marais. Ahh, heaven.
Tags: ballet, proust
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