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I went to the ballet and thought about stuff

What most of you care about: I went to the ballet tonight, hoping to be right distracted, but during the Arvo Part music/Hamlet themed ballet I was thinking about costumes, and the job sitch. Okay, let's be honest, I was thinking about the job sitch all day and was completely NOT focused on doing any sort of work at all. I wanted to run around and go, "I'm out of here! I'm leaving! You can take your rude assed CTO and moron baby managers and KISS MY GRITS!" But instead I was waiting for confirmation from TJG that they did really and truly want to offer me the job, and I got that around 3 PM today.

And I thought about the other companies that are on my short list, and, well, no one had anything nice to say about them, and I haven't even progressed to the interview stage. And I talked to a guy that used to work for me and is now a miserable lead on another team, and he said, "Wow, that sounds like a great job." And apparently he and I are basically interviewing for the same jobs, which is a giggle for me, only he actually got the interview at MySpace and I didn't (not that I care too much). And ms_vermilion is right, what matters is do I have room to grow, and koaloha (whom I see as a touchpoint of sanity and kindness and focusing on what really matters in life) said the money will all come out in the wash in the next year or so, and she's right, too.

So I decided that I'm going to take this job. I'll take the semi-offer tomorrow and let them get the paperwork through for the extra money I requested and then give me my official contract to sign. I'm aiming for a September 24 start date, and September 19th quit date, which will let me take three days of vacation while my brother and SIL are here, then two days of "between job time" while scarlettina is here. I want to have my vacation officially approved, though, so I'm going to try to hold off on the notice thing until it's actually 30 days until, but making it past Monday is going to be difficult for me.

I also decided 1) I'm dressing as Sally Bowles for the costume ball on Saturday and 2) rosamicula and I are going to go to Italy for part of the time shadowdaddy is in Las Vegas, because we can and because she was genuinely enthusiastic about the idea. And I must say, Missy Micula was great company for the show tonight (the Bolshoi mixed rep at ENO). Capsule review: piece one, "Class Concert," to music of various Russian masters (in the order, Composer, his student, his student, his student) was GREAT, extremely energetic, building to a frenzied head as the dancers worked through harder and harder dance moves. It just felt SO much like members of the corps showing that they were ready for being promoted to bigger roles, and the energy was incredible. The section where the danseurs were THROWING the ballerinas through the air was crazy! (PNB needs to add this to their rep.) Section two, Chris Wheeldon's "Elsinore," didn't really do it for me - the partnering was nice but actually having a story would have been more engaging than just being "atmospheric." The third bit, Twyla Tharp's "Upper Room," benefitted from some Phillip Glass music (recorded, though I think it didn't matter), but watching these poor Russian ballerinas attempt to get some urban dance grooves going was painful. They'd absolutely hit these ballet moves (made so much clearer in my mind by watching the first piece), then struggle to shrug their shoulders in any kind of rythmn. One girl was actually "on," and once shadowdaddy'd pointed her out to me, I kept my eyes glued on her and enjoyed the rest of it more. But, well, of course, there were always the lovely macaroons Ms. Micula had picked up from Paul, and great visits over the intervals ... so it was a good night out, and I am reminded that she and I must see each other more (monthly museum trips seem to be in order), and that I must get my dance tickets purchased for the Sadler's Wells events and the City Ballet trip to London in the spring.

I'm rambling, sorry. Night, all!

(Later: PS: The website says, "Completing the Triple Bill is Class Concert, the iconic ballet by Asaf Messerer not seen here since 1965. Using all the Company‘s principal dancers, the ballet reaches an exciting climax which only the Bolshoi Ballet’s legendary bravura can produce." Um. Just what are they selling here again?)
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