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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Sort of a chipper day. Costume kismet and bicycling.

I rode my bike to work today, figuring I wouldn't have too many more opportunities to do so. It was fun, no yappy dogs with grumpy owners getting in my way in the park. My knee got more aggravated, though, so I decided it was time to look at doing physio again. Amazingly, I could get an appointment with the one who is Pilates certified this very day, so I left work an hour early and biked in for an appointment. I left the office feeling rather chipper. I'm going to go back once a week until this job is through. Yay!

I went looking for a tuxedo coat for a possible Greta Garbo costume, then decided I couldn't really pull off the look without a lot more shopping and was reconvinced that it really was going to be Sally Bowles this Saturday. With great luck, I found not one but three pairs of packages of unopened fishnet stockings in the "miscellaneous" bit at the TRAID store. Blacked seamed hold ups or red to the waist, which should I wear? I also got a pair of regular hold-ups in "vaguely black," which seem like another possible option.

Now I need to trot off to Woolworths for some green nail polish and fake eyelashes, then to the Sainsburys for the ever important Food.

I'm liking this short timing stuff. I can't wait until my last day.
Tags: pilates, shallow fashion details
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