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Kayaking in England - or "canoeing"

Right, I'm mad for kayaking, and I'm frustrated that I've done so little of it since we've been here! We had a great time the weekend before last, surfing in the waves around the rocks off of the Devon coast, and now I'm just frothing to do some more, especially since we've got a three day weekend coming up and we've got two extra days off for that weekend. (Here we are with our group from Jurassic Kayak Tours, which I recommend highly as a really good morning or afternoon out, if you like that kind of thing, which I do.) I got excited about trying to get British Canoe Union "star" certified. "Five star next year?" I proposed. We'll see - I think I'm already at the two or three star level.

And how will I find out? Because I've found another company, Sea Kayaking Cornwall, which offers intermediate sea kayaking classes. The one this weekend is closed, but they'll let us in on the first two days of their five day class next week - so bank holiday Monday and Tuesday. We can just squeeze it in, and frankly since it's not the Saturday and Sunday, travel is much cheaper. All I need now is a place to stay near Falmouth. W00T! I'm going for it.

PS: Tailbone much better, also went out to lunch with one of my reports and a friend of his who was sitting at another table treated us and told us about it as he was leaving. How cool is that?

LATER: Done! Have booked rooms at the Seaward Guest House, have tickets on Sunday's 11:57 out of Paddington (and 17:51 back on Tuesday), and the nice folks at the kayaking place will pick us up from the hotel! YAY!
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