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A la recherche de temps ... recherche'

The contract for the new job arrived. I just chuckled with delight to read this in an email from the recruiter:

"You will have your company induction on the Monday at our head office in Sutton before heading up to Holborn, details of this will be in your information pack."

I can smell the scent of sweet freedom in the air. Aaaah. I'll spend the morning of the 24th of September in Sutton. I will, from that day forward, never spend a day in this glassy prison I call $howboat. I can't wait.

I have absolutely nothing to do at work today. And, it seems, neither does anyone else - the place is a graveyard. I've approved a WFH day for the guy who sits across from me, I've told the girl who works for me who blew all of her vacation to take some sick days, one of the other guys who works from me is taking vacation ... it's like the three leads (including me) and two testers over here. DEAD, dead, dead. And the weather, LORD! Raining and 60. Yesterday I went out to lunch with one of my reports and the restaurant proprietor turned on the heater near our table!

Anyway, I'll have to come up with something to do to while away the hours today other than the performance plans for my guys. I'm thinking a calendar of "what we're doing while you're visiting" for my soon-to-be houseguests or something like that. At any rate, Remembrance of Things Pasts continues trickling along, though somewhat hampered by being forgotten at home while I was road tripping (not that I didn't gossip for three hours in one direction and sleep for three the other), but is now at page 412, and I have the next Dresden Files book at my service.
Tags: guermantes way, job search, proust, short timers' syndrome
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