Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

All pilaticized, fed, and squidded

Of course I was late to my appointment, in part because I didn't include time for changing into street clothes, but also because I spent time looking for my keys, which I did not find. Fortunately I didn't get yelled at, which stresses me out, and The tailbone thing kind of put me behind for the week, but she said my stability (one-legged squats) was looking good.

She added a bunch of stuff to my routine (which currently is sliding down the wall and back up again with a ball between my knees, and lying on my left side and rotating/lifting up my right knee, with heels together). I'm also supposed to do leg circles while on my left side (change sides when you get tired, 10 reps each time), "transverse activation" (clenching the muscle that connects my hips across the front while breathing, taking about 7 minutes in total), and "bridging" (lifting my butt up so my knees are at an about 90 degree angle but my thighs/torso/head ramp down to the ground). Anyway, I'm writing it all down so I don't forget.

Anyway, back to my apartment for lunch, a package pickup, and my keys (while management is around to let me in). Let in, found keys, heated lunch, and open packages to discover - a whole load of fun from McSweeneys, including Animals of the Ocean: In Particular, the Giant Squid and my squid shirt. Yay!

Since I was farting around, I also finally remembered to look up the London Freewheel Event, which is happening after all of my guests clear out (September 23rd). I really like the idea of biking around London without worrying about a bunch of cars running me down. And hey, I'll get a bell and a reflective vest, too! Anyone else want to go with me?

Now I look outside at the rain and it's miserable looking. I need to go to work but I want to buy a travelcard before I head out and the place nearby can't just zap up my oyster. What a pain! Well, at least I have an umbrella now ... I guess I'll add some goretex lined boots to complete the ensemble.
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