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Reading about the Firebird, seeing the Swans

OK, I'm off to the ballet with sallysimpleton tonight! It's the silveriest of the silver casts ... a real shame last night that I couldn't get the tickets to see Carrie Imler and instead am getting stuck with Noelani Pantastico as Odette. At least I get Arianna in the Persian dance. I'll try to get sallysimpleton packed full of caffeine before the show ... which will doubtlessly result in her being unable to sleep tonight and tired the next day. I need to run the dogs outside for a bit now and then change into my pretty clothes. Something Russian .... hmmm. (Interestingly enough I'm reading In the Forest of Serre by Patricia McKillip right now ... which is set in a country that has both Baba Yaga and a firebird and yet is called "Serre." It makes an neat contrast with Orson Scott Card's Enchantment, also about Russian folklore, but the styles of the two authors are difficult to compare. Oddly neither of them gave a damn about swans. I wonder where Tchaikovsky got the idea?)

I was a copycat and did a quiz ...

Ted: Food & Wine Connoisseur

Which Member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is your type?
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