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It's not like summer wasn't over anyway

Well, doesn't it just figure that as I'm putting away 75% of my summer clothes, I find a pair of black (BLACK!) capris that fit, NICE ones, when here I've had to spend the summer alternating between the ones I wear for kayaking and housework and the ultra-nice lined linen ones that need to be drycleaned.


I'm pulling them out anyway. And the pants that go with the pink floral pantsuit. Surely I can get one day's wear out of THAT before the sun goes away entirely. This will likely be while my family is visiting. I will scar my tiny nephew for life; he will always remember be as the glowing pink freak with the electric streak growing out of her head.

I'm thinking that J's birthday would probably be the best day for this. Serve him right for showing me up with that Lara Croft costume.

Right, back into the bedroom. I will get all of those clothes put away yet! There will be room for bicycles in our bedroom before sundown!

But first, tea and a brief moment of lazing to Xanadu. Aaaah, a summer Sunday. I am useless.
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