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Decent into Bablyon

Well, I finally got off of my cowardly liberal ass and went to the Wet Spot last night. The whole visit was precipitated by having a friend of mine tell me about it and thinking, "Gosh, I don't know if I, as a person who has been in an exclusive relationship for 12 years, could HANDLE such a wild atmosphere." But then I thought, what am I thinking? I'm a liberal, I believe people should not feel guilty about our existence as sexual creatures, and where in the last 10 years did I start being afraid to go anywhere? So I decided I would have to go check it out.

Well ... people said they'd go and cancelled, I set what was supposed to be an In Stone date last Friday then chickened out because I didn't really know what the "partners play party" was going to be about. I do actually dislike getting hit on by people I don't know, especially sleazy men, and why would I want to spend a bunch of money just to sit around trying to avoid making eye contact with anyone?

Overall, it looked like the good night was going to be the "Goth Industrial Dance Party" night. I knew how to do that just fine. So we showed up at 7 PM and sat down and got an hour-plus orientation, where they talked about why the club was founded, what the rules were (no liquor, no smoking, no means no), and what the various events were. The group of 15 other people who were doing initiation basically sat there in silence. We split as soon as it was over to get some dinner then came back at 9.

So how was it? Well, new and different, but not entirely titillating unless it was you personally that was involved in the actual shenanigans. Sure, I saw lots of extremely overweight women running around with their shirts open or off, and one chick in a rubber dress getting a "sensual massage" on the futon couch, followed by a nipple-chewing in a side alcove, an elderly gentleman dancing in what looked like "My husband's on shore leave and I just got some clothes from Frederick's of Hollywood" gear, plus two different folks being "flogged" (if you could call such half-hearted flicks a flogging) near the dance floor. But basically, it was kind of ... whatever. A lot of folks were running around very charged up with excitement, tons of people were in the middle of their private agenda (is he checking me out or just checking me out?), I couldn't tell who was straight or gay or what, but I was neither utterly repulsed or turned on. However, I very much liked the idea of being somewhere "secret" and being part of an elite group, even if it is an elite group of big fat dorks. So I expect I'll go again.

And for some reason my damn cat decided to piss in the guest bedroom behind the stereo this morning, causing the radio to start sparking. What the fuck? Does she not feel safe using her litter box?
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