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Very interesting NYT articles: polygamist communities and Second Life

Started off this morning reading a fascinating article on Arizona strip (fundie "Mormon") polygamist boys in Utah being cast out of their families on church orders. How shocking, Psychology Today may have been correct about how monogamy works in men's favor (as then even the poor ones can get wives). However, even though less girls get thrown out of polygamous community than men, I still think that being forcibly knocked up at 16 (or 15) doesn't really leave you with a lot of good options. And the elders apparently reassign wives at will. So despite the fact that some people might advocate having marriage to multiple partners be legal - I think it will work to the disadvantage of women. Thoughts?

I also signed up for Second life after reading an article about stuff in virtual worlds. I guess if it's hit this degree of cultural saturation, I need to do it ... even though I'm still staying off Facebook and MySpace. Ecce Garnet Tammas!

Anyway, I think I'll be doing my big kayaking review today, since the guys haven't done their test plans for me to read and the only other thing I've really got going on is my exit interview.
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