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It's Proust in my handbag again

Nice night out with my Seattle family, off to see 39 Steps, which is still really funny, after serving them up a big ol' taco dinner. I hope it seemed like a good way to spend their anniversary - I sure had fun!

I'm at page 500 of the Guermantes Way (now that I've got Jo Clayton and the Harry Dresden books removed from my bag), and it seems clear I'm going to finally make it through this book and on to Sodom and Gomorrah in October. Admittedly, the entire passage I've been reading the last month has been all about a dinner party and the hostess, whose wit appears to be in her ability to make fun of people and occasionally quote famous authors, which seems to me incredibly shallow and dull. Why would the protagonist have sought so hard to get entry to her salons? I'm far more interested in the little side discussions about her incredibly strained marriage with her husband, who is constantly unfaithful and apparently abusive to her, but the protagonist doesn't seem nearly as interested as I am in that element of the story.
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