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My dogs are barking

Today we:
1) Ate apricot/hazelnut brioche French toast with streaky bacon from a stall at Borough Market
2) Lowtailed it to Kew Gardens via the Richmond train (noonish)
3) Checked out the just-opened (as of today!) Henry Moore exhibit, in between watching my nephew exhibit certain Linnaeus-like tendencies, having lunch, and making bad puns
4) Boated down the Thames to Westminster while drinking tea and reading Proust (he's still at a dinner party) (left at 3:30, arrived at 5 PM)
5) Tubed to London Bridge and then ate dinner on Southwark Bridge, eschewing candelabraed tables, beach chairs, and comfy couches for an available curb-side-seat
6) Watched some Morris dancers on our way to to the Millenium Bridge
7) Slowly, slowly plowed through the crowd to get to Waterloo station (8:15)
8) Cried a little when I realized there was no open store selling root beer and the only place with vanilla ice cream had lost their freezers during the day, thus meaning no root beer floats for us
9) Finally got home at around 8:45 and realized we were all dead tired and poured myself a drink.

Man, I am DONE.
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