Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

First day of work

Well, I made it through alive, and it wasn't that bad, really, other than the profound sense of disassociation, that it wasn't really happening. My boss has assigned me a project I have to plan and write tests for in rather a short amount of time, and it looks like to some extent I'll be covering for him while he goes on vacation ... next week. And I said I like process so now I get to go to meetings about how to improve process. Ooh boy. It's a living.

The girl next to me is a really cool Australian. She asked me if I'd moved to London to leave behind my checkered past. "Hell no, I moved here to get a new one!" Heh. Too bad her last day is Thursday.

After work I met the family and scarlettina at Inn Noodle for a yummy dinner, and were fortuituously joined by wechsler, which was very nice. Then shadowdaddy and my brother and I went to Spitalfields to do the Jack the Ripper walk, which was very interesting in many ways.

I came home to find my Penguin blogging book had finally shown up - Eduard Morike's Mozart's Journey to Prague.. I'll start in on it tomorrow.

And I'm to bed - it is far too late for me to be up as I actually intend on being in at my new job ON TIME tomorrow, as I DO give a rat's ass again.
Tags: blog a penguin classic, my new job

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