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Cleaning rags

The market research event was, as usual, a window into humanity. Right before it started I met a girl who, oddly enough, appeared to clean her house exactly as I do, and found the concept of the dishwasher as ridiculous as I do, and for the same reason. Later on she turned out to be a dressage rider - she was cool. Inside, I listened to one woman talk about the sensual pleasures of the dishrag - the fabric dipping into the water, the soft feel as you squeezed it out. I brought samples of my sponges to show the group in addition to photographs: the fact that the most disgusting one was not only slightly damp but still had one of my long hairs twined in it made it all just a little too real for our moderator, I think.

One of the women slowly revealed herself to be what I would call a kook (although apparently the fact that we wash dishes by hand at all must make us all strange; I found it heartening that everybody there had the same packratty qualities as I do, keeping scraps of cloth and reusing them over and over until finally one day they were used to apply some toxic substance to wood and then finally tossed). First she started talking about how when you wipe a cloth from one end of a counter to another it's only really clean where you first touch the rag to the surface; then she brought up all of the microbes you can never catch when you clean (and her special plans for handling that); then she got into talking about how we've all got worms, but we need to make sure we've got the same kind. Oh my. At any rate it was all over quickly enough and I was handed a benjamin for my not very hard work, and I completely failed to blow it tonight on the one slice of pizza and schooner of cider I had at the Comet. Maybe I should finally order that winter coat from LL Bean I've been thinking about for a year now.

Worthy Opponent finally found my copy of Chicago, so I am listening away now!

I finished off the night by going to a King County Metro (Bus Service) community meeting where they were gathering comments to help them shape their proposals for changes to service. I think I made a good pitch for additional service down 12th Avenue (right near my house) - but it helped that there were at least 6 other people that showed up to make the same point.

I am so jonesing to go see a movie soon. Lost in Translation tomorrow?

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