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Finished Penguin classic; hating Office 2007

Well, despite being elbow to elbow with other commuters today, I did finally manage to finish Mozart's Journey to Prague. I did very much enjoy the description of people enjoying a preview of a musical piece by a composer they adored, even more so because it was Don Giovanni, the only opera by Mozart I really am enthusiastic about. However, the poetry in the back just isn't grabbing me and I'll be skipping that and calling it done. I'm not sure why this book was chosen as a "classic:" it's a bit melancholy (and perhaps Romantic?) with its foreshadowing of Mozart's early death, but I don't really see it as being particularly remarkable. I suspect the genius is really the poetry, which I can't enjoy because I don't read German and the translations are abyssmal. So it goes.

I had to upgrade my computer to Office 2007 yesterday in order to get some kind of special feature in Excel I need to write a particular report, and AARGH! It's like trying to cook when you've got dinner guests waiting and your kitchen has been entirely rearranged. Spices, bowls, butter, measuring spoons, EVERYTHING HAS MOVED! I don't like it at all and I especially don't like that it wound up messing up all of my other applications, too. Yuck.

Dinner last night was at Yoisho and it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to eating there every Monday after Pilates (ahem, I didn't actually go last night, but that's a minor detail) ,but I've got to learn to get the final tab down. I'm also going to not get the grilled chicken skewer plate in the 7 skewer size next time as that's the one that has the hearts and the gizzards. Bleah! (The wings were great, though. Yum!)

Today I'm back on Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair and Wednesday I'm starting Proust's Sodom and Gomorrah (in which he gets married). Is it not just too pathetic that I'm actually really excited about getting to the next volume in the series?
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