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I'm sure the exercise was good. Punchdrunk update.

How good was Pilates on the Reformer yesterday? So good that I woke up in the middle of the night and could barely raise my arms above my ribcage. They are sore today. I see all of my fat converting into muscle in no time. If only I'd got rid of more of the fat first! I'm going to have rower's arms at this rate.

As it turns out, the National did sell the last of its allocation of Masque of the Red Death tickets last night. However ... there are tickets still available at the Battersea Arts Centre. I'm going on the 30th with W and J and butterbee and bathtubgin, aiming for 7:15. If you want to go to this or another date, I'd say call them NOW and get your tickets bought.

In other news I've fallen in love with the Italian bakery/coffee shop/bar across the street and have been going about twice a day. The ham and cheese croissant, it's just the thing after the five flights of stairs I went up on my way into work today after being lied to about what platform the next train was leaving from twice and then trying to make up lost time (Proustian pun here?) leaping up the escalator at Holborn. And it's only £1.25. And they have free snacks at happy hour.

And The Eyre Affair, it's hysterical, great for lit fans and English grammar nuts AND alternate history buffs. (itsjustaname, I think you'd love it, would you like it next? And irrationalrobot, you should suggest this one for science fiction book club.) I realized I'm now going to have read three mystery-like novels in a month - The Curious Incident, the new Lucifer Box novel, and this. Whatever is happening to my taste in books? Are Dick Frances and Miss Marple my future?
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