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Pavanes and riots

We enjoyed a very nice concert tonight in East Finchley - Emma Kirkby and the English Consort of Viols performing music of 16th century England. But ... somehow they didn't really seem to have their acts together. The first half was tepid, and in the second half Emma stopped a song and restarted it because she was off beat, or something. shadowdaddy thought that too much of the music was getting lost in the back of the church; my suspicion was that the grouping of singer and consort hadn't really practiced together more than about once before the show.

Here's a poem from the show I thought could be sung about me, as it captures how I feel about England (and is indeed about it), though I wouldn't liken myself to Venus:

Fairest Isle of isles excelling,
seat of pleasures and of loves.
Venus here will choose her dwelling
and forsake her Cyprian groves.
Cupid, from his favorite nation
care and envy will remove;
jealousy, that poisons passion
and despair that dies for Love. (etc.)

Afterwards were were walking back through downtown and about 60 teenagers were gathered on the streets and the energy was weird. Five of them broke off into some kind of ball of anger, pushing and yelling and basically convincing us we wanted to be nowhere near any of them. The cops showed up and we crossed over to the tube and the milling anger (now focused on their compatriots on what had been on our side of the street). By the time we made it to the tube station, there were four cop cars there. It was bizarre.
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