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Oh what a beautiful cat box

Last night was the epitome of the Married People's Friday night. No, we didn't even rent the video Diva like we were going to. We came home and read the paper for about an hour, then Worthy Opponent worked on taking the plaster out of the bathroom while I did my preview of the Erotic Art Show for Tablet. Then we went to Mesob for some ever tasty Lamb Tibes and Doro Watt. Afterwards I suggested going out for a beer, but W.O. found that just too much effort (as did I, really), so we went back home, where I perused the Land's End discount catalogue while he read the latest Entertainment Weekly.

Then, to our GREAT surprise, Mike and Nina stopped by at 10:30! Good lord! We were forced to surpress our yawns and be social. They were both TREMEMDOUSLY amused (and curious) to hear about our expedition the night before. We played a new game we'd picked up at Gary's Games (Cube Farm) and had a right nice little yack. It felt good to not have the night be a total wash out!

Today, however, I completely ignored the wonderful sunshine in favor of a four hour writing marathon, trying to get my experience of Thursday evening down in a readable format, then trying to get it down to less than 800 words (I started from about 1300 so it took some work). I think I'm going to post the whole thing on my other blog. The plaster is all out of the bathroom, so it looks like we're a big step closer to no longer bathing surrounded by trashbags.

Tonight is supposed to be The Two Towers at long last, but once again I'm feeling incredibly lazy ... why cook when I can go to Nasai Teriyaki?
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