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Hurray for trying to make changes

It's been a month to the day since I left my old job. I have put in four weeks at my current job, and time has flown by. I feel so much less stressed out (even though I realize I'm a bit bored today) and upbeat, and I'm remembering what a ball of energy I am when I'm feeling good about things and feeling like people actually care about what I have to say. It makes me try harder and makes me care about doing it right, about my work, about everything.

So hurray for leaving my old job. It was a great decision. I absolutely did the right thing and I have no regrets.

(This is in part why I hate listening to people complain, because when they complain I want to give them ideas about how to fix the things that are making them complain, and then they think I'm irritating. It's just my way, though: change the things that make you unhappy, if you can. I do provide sympathy when needed, though, because some things make you happy and they can't be changed.)

To entertain you: why people read email wrong (lack of emotional input) and good design for cats.
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