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Everybody allemand right ....

I went to djm4's birthday party tonight and it was DA BOMB. It was EXACTLY why I moved here, because I didn't want to miss out on fun times like this with people I like so much.

Anyway, the deal is/was: a rented hall, yummy Indian food for all of us guests, basically everyone I am friends with (who was in town, anyway, I mean, there were people there I didn't know and plenty of people I know weren't there, but it felt like it was full of great folks) filling the room, an accordian and a guitar and a caller and Ceili Ceili Ceili! WOOOO!

I ended the night with my wrists crossed and julietk's hands in mine, leaning backwards from each other and spinning, and suddenly she looked at me with this excited look in her eyes that was totally, "Let's go for it!" and we just spun as fast as we could and it was a BLAST.

I laughed and laughed and danced and danced and visited with folks while I was cooling off and I had a GREAT time.

Thanks so much to djm4 for throwing a party that I will remember for a long time. :-)
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