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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Little baby pit bull

There are two articles about the concert I'm going to see tomorrow in the local papers (one in the Seattle Times and one in the P-I). I doubt many people I know give a rat's ass about madrigals or music from the 16th century but I think I will be experiencing moments of exquisite beauty with La Venexiana tomorrow night!

I found a pit bull puppy wandering around my neighborhood, rather close to the house of the guy who killed two pits a couple of years ago. I don't know if it was his new "project" or not but I thought I was safer off taking the dog into the pound, where she can be happily adopted by someone else. I guess I'd feel bad if the dog belonged to someone else in the neighborhood, but puppies that young (about 3 months) don't belong wandering on city streets. I snuck her back out of the house under a blanket just in case Dog Killer saw me and wanted to get her back. She and I hung out at Animals while I talked neighborhood politics (although not with her) for about an hour before I took Poochie to the Animal Control and what I hope will be a happy new life.

Breakfast with dagmar_b at Glo's this morning was delish, and she gave me a super nice office-warming present for Monday. It was sad that I wasted the next four hours shopping for stuff for my costume down at Southcenter - it made me miss my last lunch at Koraku. But I'm glad I found the dog and took her in.

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