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Icons meme from spikeylady

Be advised I'm too lazy to do this back to anyone. Some of my icons and what they mean and why I use them. (This one's my I'm Addicted To The Internet icon, not that you care.)

Action Figure was taken on the Vancouver Coast, before our big Bamfield kayaking trip. I'm wearing a sweater I really like and I like my stance - I'd been crawling all over these sea stacks that were poking out into the raw fury of the Pacific Ocean and I was feeling pretty butch. I use it for stuff when I'm feeling serious or determined.

Mano Poderosa is a kind of Mexican Catholic image who's exact image I don't know the meaning of, but I associate it with friends who live(d) in New Mexico and really cool t-shirts. To me, it can represent two things: one, the techie one, for when I'm testing really hard and finding a lot of bugs; the other is for those "clue by four" kind of moments, when you want to do some smiting.

Tiara: well, see, you start with the Top Bug Necco heart, and that represents me as a tester (long story here about how I won the Top Bug prize at my first job), and then you get a promotion, which of course comes without any extra money but only more work, so it's like getting a tiara because it's nice to show off but utterly useless. So the Tiara is me when I'm at work, or it was until I accepted a demotion in order to get away from my last job.

Potato mountain: the image is from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and it's when the lead character can't get this image out of his head and winds up sculpting it out of potatoes. London was like that for me. I thought about it all the time and I figured people were getting sick of hearing me talk about it. And I'm sure some of them were as I lost some friends over this obsession of mine. So I made this icon so I could say, "I've got London mad on my brain today" without making a post that basicaly said londonlondonlondonlondon. The icon said that and then I could talk about everything else, which, in my mind, was useless trivia.

Ponies cufflink: I saw these "Four Vices" cufflinks in Brighton and they totally caught my eye. Wine, sex, cards, and ponies - I'd say I've fallen prey to most of them except for the ponies. Anyway, I took the picture of the cufflinks off of Ebay, then used "ponies" to represent my most recent employer, since they made so much of their money off of horse racing.

Tiger Monkey: like Barbaro, this is an image I use when I feel like my brain isn't working very well. It's about having your brain tell you things that probably aren't logical and make you feel all messed up, but not being able to get any perspective. I took it from an article in the New York Times, which said, "The conscious mind is like a monkey riding a tiger of subconscious decisions and actions in progress, frantically making up stories about being in control." So when I think I'm in control of my actions but I'm making irrational decisions, the monkey is riding my tiger.
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