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Hurray, a movie at last

Well, shadowdaddy and I finally made it to a movie this weekend - Stardust, playing across the street at the Putney Odeon. (Apparently we're too lazy to actually go anywhere far away to see a movie, even if we buy tickets for it in advance.) And it was ... well, entertaining, but not great. I'd watch it on an airplane, for sure, and, well, if there's nothing you're dying to see, it's good enough. But boy, it sure isn't The Matrix, or the Macbeth we saw a few nights ago ... it was just a decent, disposable, entertainment product.

Oh well. At least seeing it cheered me up from my somewhat crappy mood this weekend. I must be careful about volunteering to work on Saturdays as they seem to really kill the rest of the weekend, not to mention my ability to enjoy it. (Or maybe that's the crucial element it kills that ruins the rest of the weekend.)

Afterwards we came home and had Kraft Italian Dinner Spaghetti, just like my mom used to make. Yum. The spaghetti is precut to not too long (just as tall as the box!), because God only knows we don't want to make life difficult by making people have to roll their spaghetti. And we had a nice little salad and some good bread with it. Afterwards J took a shower and I (I shit you not) polished some of the crusty silver spoons I found in a box of stuff from my grandma's house, and now they are much less black and quite a bit more shiny, except for the ones that were, er, rusty.

For some reason Woolworth's doesn't have teakettles. I ask you, just what do they think they're playing at? We're talking a total home staple. And since they didn't and I didn't want to wait behind twenty people at Jessops or pay 15 for something I think should cost 5 (that's what they were advertised for in the Woolworth's window for, what, two months), I have no cheap assed tea kettle and will continue to drink sludgy boring tea at work. Wah.

And look at all of those books I could be reading right now. Which one is the genius book that is going to have me holding the book in my hands as I walk down the street? If only I knew ...
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