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La Venexiana evening

The concert was good. Cathy had a good time, and there was one song (the only happy one) that was really exquisitely beautiful. Afterwards we invited her to come to 611 Supreme with us, where I had a banana crepe (cooked in Grand Marnier, with ice cream) and some hard cider that was the best I'd had since Spain.

We said goodbye and Worthy Opponent and I walked up the street to the Mercury, although I did consider just getting in the car (which we stopped by) and going home. Ultimately I wished I had, because after about 15 minutes I was just kind of wondering "What are we doing here?" I didn't like most of the music they were playing and I didn't feel like talking to anyone. Worthy Opponent said I looked like I was sulking, and then I got pissed off (and self conscious) and tried to see if I could pick up the pieces and make a night of it, but I finally gave up and we just went home. If only I had done it BEFORE we went in instead of AFTER!
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