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The internet, it slips away from me

Man, I never caught up with LJ yesterday. I didn't finish reading the new stuff that was there at breakfast, and I didn't read catch up in the evening with the stuff that came in between 5 and 11 PM. And, well, er, it goes without saying that I didn't have time to post after noon (being far too busy chatting with people on a post about poop. Americans, I want your feedback on this one!).

Instead I was 1) working like a starving monkey (actually made my way to organ grinder yesterday, special project from CTO) and 2) living life. Life, you say? Why yes, for last night I went to see Carlos Acosta (sigh) at Sadler's Wells with mabel_morgan, bathtubgin, and a cast of thousands. God, it's amazing to see a dancer who's at the top of his form, especially when "his form" is in practically another universe from other dancers. I really thought the other performers were A quality, too, but, well, when I was grading papers in grad school, every now and then you'd get a paper that was, well, this mini-dissertation that made you want to sit down with the person who wrote it to further probe their views, have a conversation, you know? That's Carlos Acosta. His Corsaire was what the choreographer dreamed of in his head, I just know it.

We got out of Sadler's Wells pretty early, all things considered, and made it back in good time. And yet, still no LJ, because I was chatting with a friend back home and looking for my November BFI calendar (movies of Tsai Ming Liang, hurray) to no avail, and writing (gasp!) email to another friend. What's the world coming to, when I don't have time for the internet?

Right, going to make an egg and bacon sandwich and NOT catch up on LJ again. No idea what we're doing tonight, but I'm sure we'll manage.
Tags: ballet, carlos acosta
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