Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Halloween's afoot!

Tomorrow's the day most people are doing their Halloween stuff. I'm amused to say that Rob Brezny is providing costume suggestions. Sexy midwife? I don't think so. (wechsler, perhaps it might suit you?)

Meanwhile, the "foot tapping" jokes continue. May I recommend this Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon, pilfered from mysticalforest?

Dinner chez rosamicula tonight. It's sad that the way my calendar gets booked up (okay, fine, I volunteer myself for all of those shows and stuff, but still ...) that I have to make plans with people almost a month in advance if there's any chance of things happening, but I do look forward to them when the finally roll around! That said, don't think it's ridiculous to be asking me to do things in December and January, as the calendar is already filling up (what can I say, there are some good plays out there, not to mention fun parties!).

Actually it's very thrilling for me nowadays that I get invited over to people's houses for dinners and social gatherings as back home these things seemed as rare as four leafed clover. I sound a bit pathetic and geeky and sad when I say this (or I feel I do), but it really makes me very happy. Maybe people in Seattle just don't do this stuff much, or maybe people in London are crazy for it, or maybe I've just fallen in with a very hospitable crowd, but I felt back home that if I wasn't organizing it (or my brother and SIL), that it didn't happen. Nowadays I get to Hang Out With People, and it's not just because I'm throwing a party. :-) The SeaGoth Stitch 'n Bitch and such was quite nice, but that was only the last year I was there out of ten! This is much better.

(PS: This has been a week of amazingly good sleeping, which I thought I'd mention since I so frequently bitch about not sleeping well.)

(PPS: Comical spam subject line du jour: " she will love a massive meat in her back door!" That's right, if the delivery man is bringing me an American Bronze turkey or a Smithfield ham, I'll be thrilled!)

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