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Another Sunday of exceedingly low expectations

The church next door is having a celebration of the Putney Debates, which took place there some, I don't know, 400 or so years a go. Before I was born, you know, but only by a few years. So there's been sporadic cannon shooting going on and I do believe someone just rowed Oliver Cromwell to the church in a rather interesting little boat. This is all fairly interesting to watch through the window but I can't say I really feel like going outside today.

Today's goals are not ambitious and basically go 1) shower 2) nap 3) buy groceries. This is what I wanted to do LAST Sunday and didn't manage for whatever reason. I should also consider washing some dishes as all but one of the thirty or so glasses I put out managed to get used. We ended the night with decidedly less vodka than before but a genuine surfeit of gin and some amazing Elderflower liquer (which I would like to chill and have at the end of the day regularly, YUM!).

This morning I made a special "wish you were here" breakfast that had me imagining my brother was in the kitchen waiting for food, only it would have been bad if he had been as we would have not had enough eggs. In short, I took the smoked gouda with ham in it, made a cheese sauce out of that, and poured it over poached eggs on toast. Then I fried up an extra two "rashers" of bacon so that no one felt underfed. After 11 hours of sleep, it seemed a very hearty breakfast was called for. I unfortunately have extra sauce left over so I'll have to see if I can figure out how to use it or if I'll just give in and throw it out, which seems like a waste.

Okay, I've now been up for some three hours and accomplished 1) breakfast and 2) my calendar for November (had to add in a bunch of Tsai Ming Liang movies at BFI). Wait, no, I bought my tickets for Snow Queen in December, so, well, that's something, right? I guess that means I've earned a nap.
Tags: another sunday pissed away, breakfast
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