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LJ rocks my world. GIP.

Wow, how do I explain to people that I'm excited that I now have an icon for making posts about Proust? Thanks so much to copperwise for making this!

And I even got in another six pages on the bus back from dinner tonight and was so excited about what I was reading that I had to share with shadowdaddy. Dinner with babysimon and The Usual Suspects was just fantabulous anyway (and frubble-icious), but as I am a Bear of Little Brain I am now utterly absorbed by my new LJ shiny and have to talk about it instead.

Quick for werenerd and robot_mel: my November Tsai Ming Liang (and other) movie schedule. Note I haven't bought tickets to any of these (though I will buy Yobi tickets tomorrow) so unless someone else wants to go with me and we make plans I reserve the right to not go to any of these.
3 Nov Sat: Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (Korean film fest, plus amimated)
4 Nov Sun: Forbidden Quest (Korean film fest)
12 Nov Mon: Pied Piper (Jacques Demi>
14 Nov Weds: Rebels of a Neon God
17 Nov Sat: I Don't Want to Sleep Alone (either of two showings depending on how late I have to work that day)
29 Nov Thurs: The Hole (maybe, also need to pack)
Tags: proust, schedule
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