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Proust update: and living in the now

It's a completely gorgeous day and I was unable to resist the desire to go outside during my lunch break. shadowdaddy was accomodating and met me at Coptic Street, in front of the British Museum (because I like the idea of there being a Coptic Street, and it meant less pedestrian traffic for both of us). We eventually made it to Gluttons sandwich shop at 55 Goodge street, which appears to not just make their own sandwiches but to likely make their own bread as well, a la my beloved Bakemans. I got a coronation chicken sandwich, and it is indeed quite good, apparently a curried chicken salad. Yum!

We noticed, however, that in the street across the way (Goodge Place), there's a little set of trucks selling food to go, including (yay!) a(n almost genuine) taco truck. The options were Chinese, Thai, crepes, Mexican, and ... I don't know, something else, but it all looked GREAT and I'm sorry we'd already bought our food as £3.50 for Thai takeaway is totally my price.

In news Proustian, I'm at page 135, and our protagonist has succeeded not just in leaving a party but also in making a jerk out of himself in trying to get a girl to come over and visit him. To think he's going to wind up marrying her!
Tags: cheap eats in london, proust, sodom and gomorrah
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