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Nothing like starting the day totally exhausted

Somehow we did not get out of the restaurant until 10:30 (or later? 10:50?) last night (REALLY slow service, I swear we waited for twenty minutes between the time we requested the bill and the time we actualy paid), and, thanks to being in Shoreditch, we did not get home until midnight. I was dozing off on the tube. And this morning I am still full. Green and Red has perfectly fine food but 14 pounds for our entrees was a bit steep and I can't help but think that the 25 or so tortilla chips that came with an "order of chips" was a bit of a joke being played on us. I was very impressed by their tequila selection and went for both a tequila tasting platter and a margarita. That said, the final bill per person was ... um, a lot? More for two people than for three of us at Yoisho last Monday? I'm guessing we'll be going for the Notting Hill taqueria next time.

Dan and Robin were great company, as usual. We got into a bit of a discussion about this article in the New York Times about why women have a hard time getting into leadership positions in the office (summary: men and women think women don't make good leaders, for a variety of reasons - as it's now the #1 most emailed article, I'm guessing it's on a lot of other people's minds, too). Interestingly, it's changing how it's reporting the story about women and negotiating I read this summer - instead of saying "women don't negotiate because they are aware of the heavy social price they'll pay for doing so," it's saying "women just don't know how to negotiate." Anyway, read it, it's interesting.

I also dreamed last night that I was cleaning up my grandmother's apartment (best of luck to copperwise with her dad's, and her dad), when scarlettina told me she'd been dating Billy Joel for the last five years. I admit I was a bit peeved at her for hiding it from me all of these years.

Pilates yesterday was completely awesome, and I shouldn't feel bad about it kicking my ass since two of the people IN the class are instructors. Butt whomping exercise du jour: imagine you're in the push up position, your back in a plank position. Now imagine your hands are on cans and your toes balanced on a small beam, and that's how you're holding the position. NOW imagine the cans are on sliding rails, and the point of this exercise is for you to push the cans forward while you hold your back in that straight line. Yep, it kicked my ass - I failed at this exercise utterly because I could not get my feet on the beam. But it was fun anyway and I'm amazed at just how much I learned at the Pilates studio in the Capitol Hill Arts Center.
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