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Memories from my old life

Back in the day I was friends with a boy named Jeffrey who was a poet getting his MFA at Arizona State in Tempe. His apartment was on Farmer street, next to the railroad tracks, and I'd ride by it all the time on my way to my shared house on 12th Street. He had long blond hair and was good looking in a skinny boy kind of way and always had really good vibes. he seemed to have a regular stream of pretty girlfriends and the man smoked the stuff like there was no tomorrow (or his funding would never run out).

I know I used to drop in and visit him all the time, which isn't surpring in a neighborhood where people would just leave their doors open. You knew who was home. And today I found a song that I used to hear at his place all the time, on a record of really old reggae songs. I think I was there the very first time he played it.

He bounced around all excited about what a great song this was, and he's right, it is a great song, so good that twenty years later I could still hum it to my self. "He's got-a barb wire in his underpants, got-a barb war in his underpants ..." Of course, these days with all of the random metal in body parts you could about imagine this song being about something else, but we know what it's really about.
Tags: another sunday pissed away, music, youtube
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