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I have once again totally wasted a Sunday and it was GREAT

The bike ride to Hyde Park was really great. Walking around in the leaves in the park was also great, and I noticed that, because the foliage is a lot thinner, you can see the views of the park better. There were a lot of people out and it was ... I don't know, I felt like I could feel the pages of history passing by me, if that makes any sense, even though with the girls picnicking out of their plastic Sainsbury's bags and the Muslim woman walking by talking on her cellphone it was all very here and now. We got a snackie snack at the pavillion next to the Serpentine and ate it while watching people puttering around on boats on the lake.

Matthew Barney at the Serpentine gallery: God, that man is always good for a laugh. Anyone that has to explain their art that hard is just trying to be deliberately obtuse. I found the video of him bouncing off of a trampoline so he could make little marks on a wall just a big fat ball of comedy. He does make me wish for my beloved Clyfford Still with his belief that people who will understand his art will and that he didn't need to sit around and explain everything. Matthew Barney desperately needs a little more mystery in his work and a little less, "Hey, this is the digestive system! Get it? The digestive system! I'm consuming and excreting!" Somehow it all comes off a little Bart Simpson, though I quail to think of what he would do with industrial quantities of Vaseline.

We made it home in good time (conclusion: I won't be biking to work, it's too far for me to go with a time deadline) and raced to the grocery stores (they close at 5!) to get the ingredients for tonight's dinner. I'm apparently a shopping whiz now as I made it in and out in thirty minutes. Now we're folding laundry and watching the internet go up and down and waiting for the roast to finish up. I'm serving it with a side of slightly Italian not-exactly turnip greens, which will be made with a bit of hot pepper; I think it will be very good.

What will we be doing this time next year? Got only knows. I am amused that today is the birthday of both trishpiglet and motomotoyama, who perhaps have far more in common than I might have ever expected of two people born on the same day. Oh, those Scorpios!
Tags: another sunday pissed away, art, i like it here!, marking the seasons, savage mockery
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