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Don't think twice. Jacques Demi.

shadowdaddy and I went to the BFI to catch Jacques Demi's Pied Piper tonight. (I really liked the part where I could leave work in time to catch a 6 PM movie, an impossibility at $howboat, and it was also cool that we got served wine when we got there - whatever the reception was for, I was in support.) I'd read that the movie was in English and that it starred Donovan, but I didn't realize that he'd written all the songs.

Capsule review? MTV: The Lost Years. (The scene: Donovan, curly locks peeking out from a pointy leather hats, begins to sing as he strums his gaudily painted guitar. "You're sad, so sad. And that's kind of bad. But really, it's all so silly, because someone somewhere else, is even much more sad ..." Pan to 10 year old boy in crutches and Prince Valiant wig, looking thoughtful. Return to Donovan. Repeat.)

Anyway, while the acting may or may not have been bad, the dialogue certainly was, and we had no layer of French to protect us from its badness. The costuming was fun, the 12 year old bride was creepy, and the rats were very well trained.

In other news I've got a song on my mind that my friend Mary taught to me way back in the day. I think we might have sung it on the streets of New Orleans when we were busking for money.

And the muscles on both side of my right knee are sore from this weekend and all the climbing I did in Portugal. We'll see if it levels out. I figure either they're going to get really better or much worse, but at least it doesn't feel like someone is stabbing me in the kneecap with an icepick, so it COULD be worse.

Now J and I are sitting on the couch drinking the Port we bought this weekend (the 20 year old stuff) and he's watching Bob Dylan videos on YouTube, and it seems like it's been a very nice evening. He asked which Port he should pour, and before I could answer, he said, "Any port in a storm ..." Silly boy!
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