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Proust update: and other reading notes

Well, I've made it to page 232, despite not taking Sodom and Gomorrah with me to Lisbon this weekend. (Of course, Sodom and Gomorrah travel with me everywhere I go, but that's a different matter.) He's just finished a major attempt to screw with his girlfriend's head. Wow, telling someone that you like someone else and and you want to break up with them so you can make them like you more, is this tactic really so old? A slightly clipped quote from page 224:

All I was doing was to make more apparent the binary rhythm that love assumes in all who are too unsure of themselves to believe that a woman can ever love them, and also that they can truly love her. [It's a problem for many other people ....] Their sense of their own instability even increases their mistrust as to whether this woman, by whom they would like so much to be loved, loves them. Why should chance so order it, that we should be the object of those [desires] that she feels?

I also finally finished Connie Willis's Light Raid, which was a real treat (not a meal but a tasty sandwich). She wrote another book with this author, and I'll have to see about picking that up, too.

I am not awake yet.

Tonight I'm going to see Tsai Ming Liang's Rebels of the Neon God with shadowdaddy at the BFI at 6:20 - anyone else want to go?
Tags: proust, sodom and gomorrah
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